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               The Bjorn Øya local stamps were issued and used by Mr.Bradley J. Arch

               of Clifton, New Jersey (USA) in the period of 1965 – 1970. He was a

               collector of Arctic stamps and a member of the S.Allan Taylor Society,

               which is devoted to the collection of Cinderellas.


               No more than 200 exist of any value. A cancelling device was made

               but very few were ever cancelled.


               It is most likely that the currency on the stamps represents Norwegian

               øre because stamp number 8 has ‘ore’ written on it.




Typographed in dark blue on uncoated, buffed, gummed paper with a large

               value 3 in a circle in the middle. The number ‘3’ has a flat line at

               the top and is in upright position. ‘BJORN ØYA’ is located at the top

               and ‘BYPOST’ in the bottom panel. The size of the frame is 20x24½ mm.

               The perforation is 6¼ x 6¼. Sheet size is 2 rows by >=3 col.


               1.      3 øre dark blue                 Less than 200 issued.




                                   No.2a              No.2b
               1966 summer:

Typographed in light blue on white, surface-coated, gummed paper

               using the same plate as no.1 and the same size.

               No.2a with perforation 11½ x 11½ and small perf. holes such that it

               almost appares like a rouletted stamp. No.2b imperforated. Sheet size

               unknown but is at least 2 by 3 stamps. This stamp also comes in tete-

               beche pairs.


               2.   a. 3 øre light blue, perforation   Less than 200 issued.

                    b. 3 øre light blue, imperforated. Less than 200 issued.




                    No.3        No.4          No.5         No.6         No.7

1969: ?

               New issue were made with five different values. The number in the

               middle is now leaning to the right. Imperforated and same size as

Before. Sheet size unknown.


               3.      1 øre black                     Less than 200 issued.

               4.      2 øre dark green                Less than 200 issued.

               5.      3 øre light blue                Less than 200 issued.

               6.      5 øre purple                    Less than 200 issued.

               7.      7 øre red                       Less than 200 issued.






               New issue as a tribute to the UN on its 25-year birthday.

A cinderella issued by UN is overprinted with the black text

‘BJORN OYA BYPOST 1970’. The text ‘UN’ is surrounded by overprint

‘25’ on the left side and ‘ÅR’ (=years) on the right side.

The size of the frame is 25x29 mm. The perforation is 12½ x 12½.

Sheet size is unknown.


               8.     10 øre black overprint           Unknown number issued.







               The BJORN OYA single ring cancel was the only known cancel in use.

               The colour is black. No date is given. Only very few stamps were

               ever cancelled.







                                    a                    b

               Two different overprints were made. One was made for official mail

               (‘Offentlig Sak’) and a second were made for postage due (‘T-stempel’,



               a.      Overprint ‘O. S.’ on no.2b in black

               b.      Overprint ‘T’     on no.2b in purple


               Examples of stamps on mailed letters:




               This letter is sent from New Jersey to Norway on January 5, 1971 by

               Bradley J. Arch. 2 x 10 cent US stamps is used and a cancelled BjornØya

               no.2a in the upper left corner. The US stamp cancellation reads

               ‘Cedar Crove N J’.




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